21 March, 2014


Have you heard about Hop Sing Trading Co.sale this week.
             *****ONE IS A LONELY NUMBER SALE...*******
                                     ***All One of a Kind items are 20% OFF!****
          ..... Karl Lagerfeld Gives us a Lesson in Fashion...

**READ BELOW to learn about this weeks SALE!**
                                                                     &. BUY BETTER!

Couture fashion, although out of economic reach for most women, teaches us that mass quantities of clothing hanging in our closets is unnecessary... and that just one piece can make an impact in an outfit! Couture also encourages us to BUY QUALITY. Look to buy unique styles, rich in detail, texture, color and quality on SALE! 

Trough SUNDAY March 23rd ALLl items on a "Solo Mission" are 20% OFF! The savings are huge as many of those items have been previously MARKED DOWN! These special beauties may be the last one hanging, but we prefer to describe them as ONE OF A KIND. There are many! 
           ONE OF A KIND ITEMS = 20% off LOWEST PRICE
                                                                                 3/19 - 3/23

23 February, 2014

It's not Cold, but it's definitely not warm yet either...

Step into Hop Sing today and you will find extraordinary Spring/Summer transitional knit styles by Goddis that easily bridge the gap between the seasons. Soft, lightweight, beautiful knits that compliment boots and denim, all the way down to shorts, swimwear, sandals, bare toes on white sand... Yeah, I'm summer dream'n...

*BedStü vegetable tanned,  b e y o n d  supple leather boots look amazing with these knits!

13 February, 2014

Shopping? No. It's more like a ... Three Day Marathon!

It's fashion market season, and my mama and I are heading to Las Vegas, baby! Yep, I'm packing my most comfy market shoes, 'coz there is going to be some serious mileage put on my poor feet! For those who attend these events, it's a vast, voyeuristic, hard-hitting, music pounding, party atmosphere.  It's a brash, over-the-top, multi-venue, multi-price point, multi-categorized extravaganza staged for an audience of thousands of fashion industry insiders.  Whhhew!

By this time next week, I will have previewed countless samples of the latest and greatest the fashion world has created to "dazzle me, delight me, and officially write me". For those who don't know the the trade lingo, "writing" is the entire purpose of going to market. At market, I will thoughtfully write dozens of purchase orders, amounting to the entirety of Hop Sing's Autumn & Winter 2014 inventory. I'm often asked: how do I know what the trends will be that far ahead of the season? My answer is... I don't! I put on my best clairvoyant/poker face and bet on a win. Of course I look for the styles and colors that viscerally attract me. I'm true to myself, or at least I try really hard to be. Sales pitches by rep's about "best-sellers" and "favorites" rarely influence my decision. I'm most likely thinking of you, my dear customer.  I think of your style, and who among you would look amazing in the pieces I see. I see a Hop Sing fashion show in my head!

Confidently, we will trek the shows seeking emerging designers and sourcing independent labels- all the while competing for exclusivity alongside the buying teams for retailers like Modcloth, Polyvore & ShopBop and industry giants like Bergdorf's, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom's, as well as International and multi-national department chain stores and swanky high-end resort boutiques. Yes, we've squeezed and wiggled our way into a fancy-schmancy showroom or two, determined to write opening orders with a fair share of fine contemporary labels, unique and cult labels - the ones you expect to find at Hop Sing. The kind of labels who have hefty "buy-in" minimums, the kind of labels that many small boutiques are afraid to write, however, because of YOU, and your amazing sense of style and appreciation of quality, we are able to do this, and do it well. THANK YOU!

Pre-market, my email inbox overflows with sales pitches. One-liners such as: "Selling out super fast", "Appointments limited must book now". It's trade-show-a-rama!  It's a lot of work, and my feet already ache in anticipation, but we love what we do, and we love the women we're doing it for!  

26 December, 2013

Caution:: written under the influence of a Christmas Hangover...

Caution:: This may possibly be written under the influence of a Christmas Hangover... 

You know the feeling,  like an L-tryptophan high. 

Here we are, December 26th, possibly the least celebrated day of the year... A day of sluggish delight.  If not for contractual obligations, I'd never leave my den today. So,  I'm en-route to the Hop for a possibly feverish day of post holiday shopping, but also prepared for the opposite effect.  After all isn't preparation key to being positively good at anything? I plan to be sluggish - all day if at all possible!  I packed up holiday goodies, and brought a book, a great book! Yes, all the afore mentioned items I received for Christmas, and I feel its my holiday obligation to consume them all, including the book!... How else do you spell holiday hangover - other then in weights and measures!

The Christmas season came and went in a flash this year. We celebrated the season of Abundance the last Thursday instead of the fourth Thursday of November adding to time warp confusion and thrusting us into the Christmas Season... making this the Christmas that came and went  like a Green Flash upon the sea's horizon... in my opinion.

It was a beautiful season, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Hop Sing, our Home away from home, provides us a venue to host holiday events, and kick'um off we did! The Hop celebrated it's 4th anniversary (Yay!!!) in early November, we had so much fun, I actually forgot to take pictures! Then came our next event... and may I announce,  we have a new tradition! A Black Friday - Food Drive! It felt right, was a great success and of course  compassion for those in need is always in fashion!

Then came the Festivities of the Courthouse Lighting and Holiday Light Parades & Acker Musical Showcase... Festivities and Music aside, these events have taken my holiday spirits down in years past, with hordes of heads arguing with me about why I should allow selfies in my expensive handmade hats all night! I mean seriously!!! Doesn't every man, woman & child possess a cell phone now! Can you imagine how used and gross the hats would be if everyone and their cousin put it on for just one picture! Yuck! I refuse to change my policy about hats and photos! And to prevent altercations this year we hired a security guard to sit in the hat section! Problem solved, and we sold more pretty hats then ever, and I managed to smile through the highest traffic days of the year! 

And finally came the -back to back- shopping days leading up to Christmas Eve. We put a DJ on the payroll and the store took on an exciting new facet, cuz, really... do we need a reason to have a DJ? Life's short, just dance! You can certainly expect to find the party happening at the Hop well beyond New Years Eve! 

One thing is for certain...
The girls have been having fun and so have we!

Till later!
Happy New Year Lovelies!